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News: Aritm now works in browsers with Java from OpenJDK (common on Linux). A version with sound-effects works in browsers with Java from Oracle or Microsoft: Aritm w/ Aritm is also available as a free stand-alone Java application (AritmApp), and in that the sound-effects works with all Java-systems. Now you can get Aritm for TI-8x calculators and Aritm for mobile (cellular) phones.

Aritm trains you in simple mental calculation. This program teaches its users the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables. It employs a very effective method, which makes the process short with these useful tables. If you know these tables it is much easier to follow the mathematics education. Further more, you can use them in everyday situations, especially if you also know rough estimate calculation. These tables, neither more nor less, is everything you need to know by heart, because there are manual methods for calculating with more complicated numbers. It is always good to do an Aritm workout before you are going to a math test. Also, you can use Aritm to train calculation in foreign languages. You can mix the problems anyway you like, e.g. you can choose addition and multiplication at the same time.

The sum of two single digit terms.
The sum of one double digit and one single digit term.
The difference of two small terms.
The difference of one larger term and one smaller.
The problem is written M from N, instead of N-M.
The product of two single digit factors.
The quotient between two numbers. The dividend (numerator) is usually larger than the divisor (denominator).
The numbers is written using arabic digits, which properly should be called european, since they do not look very similar to current day arabic digits, but the system is the same even if the digit symbols are different. That is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. You can change presentation mode while you are working through the problems, but that might be considered sheating.
The problems are written in words. This literary mode is good for getting the connection between spoken and written numbers.
The numbers are written in minimal roman notation. Learn more about roman numbers in the documentation to the TI-82 program ROMAN.82U.
When you have checked which problems you want, you click Start, and write the answer using digits and press Enter. If your answer is incorrect, you will get that problem again, later. If you want to end prematurely, click Stop. You should make about 10 problems per minute or more. If you find it too difficult, you may use the Pocket Calculator. In the end you will know this anyway.
License Info
Aritm is open source and free/libre software according to GPL v3+, see Donations to my PayPal account are welcome.
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License questions, bug reports, and suggestions for improvements on the program Aritm and this documentation is gratefully received by Mikael Bonnier.
Here you will find a list of people I am grateful to.

The program Aritm and this documentation is Copyright © 1997–2012 by Mikael Bonnier, Lund, Sweden.

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